Chronoshelves is an interactive display and quizz of chronological units, ideal for the study of time periods like those of Paleontology or History.

Python library for concept graph extraction from text, operation, and linearization.

Grullo is a bilingual web app for the study of visual terminology. Add text labels to an image, and let the student change between the Spanish and English labels.

BOLDE is an online collaborative platform for the development of empirical grammars. It allows the creation and sharing of simple computational grammars, which allow computers to understand and process text.


An online collaborative platform for the development of empirical grammars

Computational LinguisticsNatural Language ProcessingGrammarHPSGSyntaxCollaborative

Master thesis, Univerzita Karlova, Matematicko-fyzikální fakulta and University of Malta, Faculty of ICT, 2015

Antonio F. G. Sevilla

TALEX (Temporal Alignment Extractor) is an application for extracting and visualizing temporal synchronisation information in ANVIL annotation files. It is a web tool, but an experimental version can be downloaded for offline use.