Borjes Online Linguistics Development Environment.

This is an prototype online IDE for computational linguistics, centered on grammar development, as described in my master thesis. An online demo version is available here.

BOLDE is meant as an academic work for demonstration, and probably would need a lot of work for real use. I upload it here because there seems to be some interest. While BOLDE is not fully supported, I am available for some consultation, especially in case there is interest for further or related development :)


Project workflow and HPSG grammars:

Demo screenshot of BOLDE
Demo screenshot of BOLDE

CFG Parsing results and tree visualizer:

The results of CFG parsing
The results of CFG parsing

A morphological lexicon, which is a nice visual editor for lexical rules:

Morphological lexicon screenshot
Morphological lexicon screenshot


The installation procedure is untested (because of “runs on my server” syndrome) but, in theory, the following steps should work:

  1. Run make update.
  2. Customize config/
  3. Run make. Check that the build/ folder was created correctly, and bundle.js (the app code) is present.
  4. Create user files folder (for example, mkdir user_files).
  5. Create logs folder (for example mkdir logs).
  6. Copy config/default.yml to config/local.yml and customize.
  7. Put extra static assets that you need in static/ (if any, this step is optional).
  8. Launch with npm start.

Tip: To check that the server is running, you can try to curl localhost:3000 (if you didn’t change the port or path).

  1. borjes
  2. borjes-react


Antonio F. G. Sevilla