Recently I’ve been playing Splatoon 2. It’s an online tactical shooter, where instead of bullets you shoot ink. And apart from shooting at your oponents (or “splatting” them), your ink also serves to paint the ground and walls. You move fast in your ink but barely in your opponents’, which gives the game an interesting new dimension.

Title screenTitle screen

There is a story-based one player mode, and a basic online one where teams compete to “ink the most turf”. But things really get heated in the ranked modes, where teams of similar level are pitted against each other to fight for a number of different objectives. At the higher ranks, the game is intense, highly tactical and super fun. New in Splatoon 2 there is a cooperative mode, where teams battle not against other humans, but rather mobs of AI-controlled enemies. This mode is also insanely fun, and requires a lot of strategical thought and good team work.

The game has cute but cheeky characters, colourful and somewhat punk graphics, and a lively soundtrack, all of which combine very well with the fast paced action and the combination of laid-back and serious gameplay. If you also own the game and want to battle or team up, do drop me a line!


  • In-game alias: Zid
  • Friend code: SW-7189-9430-1709

Current rank and weaponsCurrent rank and weapons League battle with Pelusa was a lot of fun! Kudos to the other players tooLeague battle with Pelusa was a lot of fun! Kudos to the other players too