Python library for concept graph extraction from text, operation, and linearization. An integrated web service is provided.

This library is still a work in progress, but it has shown to be already useful for a number of applications, for example extractive text summarization.


Using poetry:

  1. poetry install
  2. If you want to install some extras, run poetry install --extras "web lexical modules" with the extras that you need (see pyproject.toml).
  3. poetry run setup

To run any grafeno script with poetry, use poetry run before the name of the script and its arguments.


The documentation is a work in progress, so it is a bit patchy, but go ahead and read it in ReadTheDocs.


See the notebooks in the examples directory for how to use grafeno in different applications.

Web Service

Run the script to get a json web service which exposes most of the pipeline functionality.

Use -h to get the list of options available.

Test script

A test script is provided in that can run a pipeline to test the library. It can serve as the entry point to the library operation, or as an example of how to use it from python.

Use -h to get the list of options available.


You may also need some NLTK data, for example ‘wordnet’ and ‘wordnet_ic’. They can be downloaded in python with:

import nltk['wordnet', 'wordnet_ic'])



The continued development of this library has been possible thanks to a number of different research and development projects, listed below.