Hi! My name is Antonio Fernando García Sevilla, and I’m a computational linguist and software developer. Currently I’m a PhD student at Facultad de Informática, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Previously I worked for Speexx, check them out if your company needs some quality language training!

If you want to see my CV, click here. You can also check my github or ORCiD.


I like everything about computers, from how to build them as a hobby, actual hardware design to operative systems, application development, web and cloud management…!

Philosophically, I particularly enjoy the freedom that computers give us. Anyone can have in an ever smaller machine all their life’s data, all the pictures, books and movies they desire. On top of it, the internet makes information distribution cheap, easy and fast. And with a bit of training, you can program your device to organize that information, to automate your tasks, and customize its operation to suit your needs.

But this is only so as long as technology remains truly free, in the freedom sense of the word. We have to beware of parties that attempt to take full control of technology. Be it governments, companies or any other kind of organization, if they try to limit our access to technology to a single experience that they provide, we will lose the freedom to organize, communicate, and ultimately think, how we want and when want.

That is why I support the free software movement and try to make conscious, educated choices about what technologies I use, or not. This is not always easy on me or others, but let’s do what we can to make a better world!

Tech skills


Pythondata science all the way
Ca bit rusty
C++more than C with classes
Rustgoing up


HTML5the way forward
Javascript 6not your father's JS
Reactre-think UI


vim11/10, would flame again
gitrebasing on a daily basis
GNU Makesudo make me a sandwich


What is Science? To me, Science is human knowledge which tries to explain the world, and is rationally derived, organized and explained. It must be independent of any individual’s experience, by being reproducible and testable. This includes experimental sciences, which famously adhere to the scientific method, but also other natural sciences less easy to formalize, or even the human sciences, in their still early stage of development.

I love to read and discuss about all branches of Science, but my field of research is Linguistics, the study of language (mostly human, but hey, who knows!). In particular, I am a computational linguist, which means that I try to use computational methods as my approach. I am also of the opinion that to understand how a language works you have to be able to speak it, and that, combined with my passion for learning, has led me to study a few of them. Check below my progress!


Español (Spanish)native
Englishproficient (C2)
LSE (Spanish Sign Language)C1 in progress
日本語 (Japanese)intermediate (Nōken N3)
Česky (Czech)can order beer

Want to learn

العَرَبِيَّة‎‎ (Arabic)
中文 (Chinese)
Русский язык (Russian)
Euskera (Basque)